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Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose bravery award 2021 by International Human Rights Council (IHRC)……

News Stardom : kolkata, 18th. January, 2021. International Human Rights Council (IHRC) in India in the social work sector. About 100,000 members in the present status from all over India and working in 34 states of India, some from aboard have made IHRC their destination to work with us. They choose IHRC for its vibrant culture, efforts, sporting and literary, and fine arts events. Members are the backbone of our vibrant lifestyle.

Founder Sunny Shah of International Human Rights Council (IHRC)

With all members organized Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose bravery award 2021, At Science city Mini Auditorium.

International Human Rights Council (IHRC) felicitated all the front line warriors like Police, Nurses, and Doctors.

The events are logistically planned and organized to attract not only the best talents and maximum media coverage but would also witness a lot of Activities. Basically, a conclave is to be run Human Rights, and your views will be valuable for us.

Padmashree Shri Puranadas Baul was the Chief Guest along with Somu Mitra(Writer-Director, Mumbai)

Samidh Mukerjee & Urvi (Musical Personality), Paulami Ghosh (singer Mumbai), Rahul Burman (Actor), Papia Adhikary(Actor), Saikat Mitra (Singer)

Sohani Hossain (Entrepreneur & Social Worke),

Chaiti Ghoshal(Actor),

Sudarshan Chakravorty (Artist), Debasish Kumar (Politician),

Ayanjit Sen (Producer, Journalist, Digital Strategist)

Saradindu Tikader (STF Police),

Mrigank Banerjee(Child Novelist & Social Worker)

Debasree Das(Fashion Designer Brand “Debasree’s”)
Sayanati Guha Thakurta (Actor), Sonalee Chowdhury (Actor),

Tanima Sen (Actor) Ramaditya Ray (Doctor), Sumit Ganguly (actor) Kanchan Moitra (Actor), Pandit Subhankar Banerjee (Tabla Maestro), Payel Mukher Jee (Actor), Rajaditya Banerhee (Film Maker), Riju Biswas (Actor), Shamik Sina (Singer-Music Director -Actor)

Ananya Banerjee ( Chairman of Kolkata Corporation 109 ward)

Amitabh Bhattacharya (actor) Joye Debroy (Actor) Sanatan Bose

Pandit Debojyoti Bose (Music Composer & Sarod Maestro), Dev Sen (Music Composer), Soumyajit Ganguly (Writer -Director-Producer), Chandra Kumar Bose (Renowned Social Crusader) Pinaki Ghosh (East Bengal cricket club junior team coach), Debabrta Das (Hony. Joint Secretary the Cricket association of Bengal ), Sampita Chatterjee (Kathak Dancer), Gopal Bose (Film Director), Arun Kanti Neogy (National Teacher Award winner), Kalyan Sen Barat (Music Director) Souvik Basu (Cinematographer). All these dignitaries had their bright presence to make the event a big success.

Message by Sunny Shah

founder of International Human Rights Council (IHRC)

IHRC is meant to support people, help people, but not to destroy people, basically many people acquired support of Human Rights for their Greediness, but that is not all of Human Rights, you should first understand the moral of Human Rights, it has a far destiny then caste,

creed,religion,system,tradition,culture,and then last but people should react with their thoughts, but they Cant’s understand Human Rights is simple, they only are in need of their benefits to fulfill from Human Rights, but no one is intended deeply to know the method and theory of rights when you are a Human Rights Activist, you itself are the justice to define the requirement of rights, Before justifying your activism think once, that you are not violating any Human Rights for the sake of the community, so now you are committing a heinous crime if you do so, that means you are violating the law of Human Rights, instead of protracting it so please ensure and consider that you are not hurting anyone in this world, because that is the fact, that you are violating Human Rights.

And now again back to work, inventing an organization was the reason to make each and every Human a powerful emblem in front of the world, now we classify how it was possible, yes it is possible by guiding people the awareness of their rights, teaching them fundamental laws of the country and to abide by them, and we should never think, that the country never runs without me, because you are hare to help others, and force yourselves too, so reason behind guiding, you were to educate you about the Rights , and we ensure give and take the policy to return us our teaching by educating or gifting your teaching and our preaching to others, service to others is a Tax you pay to live on earth, the measure of a life is not it’s Duration but it’s Donation, Giving is Art of Living.

“I am only one, but still, I am one. I cannot do everything, but still, I can do something; and because I cannot do everything, I will not refuse to do something that I can do it.”

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