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My Path and me…….

A Poem by A.K.Bain.

Millions of years; walking
over the milky ways;
Stars born and dies……
By that dusts , I am made;
-That Old , -ever lasting me
walks ahead; -as time flies…

-From unseen towards,
Seen; kingdom of unknown;
My Path streches unmanifest
to manifestation..

-From ‘Andromeda, via
Crab Nebulae; I walk;
-wrapping ‘ Time-Space’….
Singularity to Causal State;
-that journey never ceases.

Who are Parents, and sibling,
-wife, others and dear Son ?
-Ephemeral to eternity
vague and deep illusion !

I am unborn , all real
absolute and non-dead……
By birth never limits
-this ‘being’ all pervades…

This cosmos for million years,
All rivers flow to the Sea…
Life,s a continuity of journey ;
and a walk from me to me ……

Amal Krishna Bain.
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