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Utpal Chatterjee : Kolkata, 20th.November 2023. No matter who says what and whatever criticism some may choose to mount on it,Calcutta still retains its charm that many thought were part of the past.Having been actively involved in,among other priorities,the cleaning and greening of the city ever since I was I first appointed the Sheriff of Calcutta,I take pride in whatever good that I see happening here.Yes,I do travel when work,assignments and invitations take me out of town but once the mission is over,I cannot wait to return.There was a time,not too long ago,when Calcutta was the Jewel in the Crown as far as Indian cities were concerned.In everything starting with with its natural beauty,culture and industrial prosperity,it was the numero uno.A lot of water has flowed under the Bridge since.Urban “development” has increased manyfold,power cuts are part of the past and both the State and its capital are waiting for realtime business and investments.Culuture is there all right but industrial prosperity must return with vengeance.Speaking of its charm,there are plenty of places where you are bound to find it,both within the city and beyond.I do not,generally,go to large social gatherings or “parties”.The other evening,however,I ventured out to a pre-wedding reception of a friend’s daughter off the boating complex beyond the Science City.The crowd was just right and quite a few had come from other cities like Bangalore.But what I loved at the Orchid Banquets at the far end of the Boating Complex,were the moments I had to myself by the waterfront.Every now and then,there would be the sound of a fish jumping for air.A pleasant breeze blew past my ears and I saw the cars moving to and fro on the MAA flyover.At one point ,a drone lurked above our heads for sometime.But the sights and sounds made for the nocturnal charm.Sooner than later,more spots would emerge not just by the water bodies but elsewhere too.I love my Calcutta for whatever it is.How about you?

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