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It’s incredible to be a 420….

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This poem is a satire by Moubani Sorcar

Such a great number to rejoice,
A thing of amazement and of spice,
The numbers that I have seen in my life…
Fraudsters that removed decency from any strife…
Whether at love or at business,
I wonder what impetus keeps them in happiness…
As their numbers seem to be multiplying every day!
The 420 s have found their way!
What a comfortable life they have built,
Like plastic flowers that never wilt..

Living off other’s comfort everyday..
Cheating others..the rule of the way!
It’s a 420 set up,
420 s need to be awarded a medal or a cup,
As it’s the whole world that they choose to hoodwink,
Sick are those who they never have picked up as their link….
These four and twenty people may not be all men,
They don’t need to live life or hide in a den,
Because on a tarnished plate the leftovers look amazing when…
They are naturally there ,
Accepted anywhere…
The 420 s have arrived,
So if you have not with their beat learnt to jive…
We better learn to be driven,
The moth eaten 420’s world is here and it’s to them our brains are already given..
And if you are not one of them,
You are sure to find one soon who is famous at the game!


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