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I’m not ‘Lucy’……

Moubani Sorcar : Actress & Famous Dancer.

I’m not what you thought me to be,
And that is not what you wanted to see,
Another context of love which has found justice in poetry,
Is an incestuos person a criminal as love is in itself a mystery?
As layers of fossiled stone speak the truth,
And the confessions in the holy booth,
The path that untold stories find in the course of time,
If you are a poet, then do not hide a heinous crime,
A warped reality cannot be changed if seen through the red colour of wine.
And if you are drunk you will inevitably not walk on line,
I’m not Wordsworthian Lucy, an embodiment of love,
Rather quite different not a chained white dove,
I’m Mina and your Lucy was weak at heart,
Spineless and not so smart,
Like in Transylvania and all the unappreciated spoilt art,
Horror should not be turned into romance to make it sound sweet,
Why should not then the Count and sunlight meet,
Pollution, Dissolution, lack of conviction is not greatness,
Then all art would have projected the light of happiness.
Cocaine is beautiful only to the addict,
Vampires would never live life but only predict.

Poem by Moubani Sorcar in criticism of use of art to cover unethical behaviour.
This is my personal viewpoint.

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