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I Am Kolkata, Joins hands with Argo Events , CNG and Kolkata Society For Cultural Heritage to announce the 41st West Bengal State Cycling Championship……

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I Am Kolkata, Joins hands with Argo Events , CNG and Kolkata Society For Cultural Heritage to announce the 41st West Bengal State Cycling Championship, under the aegis of Cycling Federation of India, the national cycling regulatory body.
• I Am Kolkata is the co presenter of this championship to reinforce this green sport in the city
• Fever FM and Radio One are the radio partners.
News stardom : Kolkata , 31st. December, 2021 : In an effort to promote green sport and environment conservation in Kolkata , I am Kolkata , a CSR arm of Merlin Group has joined hands with Argo, CNG and Kolkata Society For Cultural Heritage to present the 41st West Bengal State Cycling Championship in Kolkata, under the aegis of Cycling Federation of India, the national Cycling Regulatory body. The championship will be held on 2nd January in the year 2022 in New Town. Flag off of the championship will be held at Merlin Rise site near Rajarhat 6 Lane and prize distribution also will be held at the Project site of Merlin Rise on the same day . This initiative is supported by United Nations Sustainable Goal mission, Last date for participation is 31st December,2021. Interested cycle enthusiasts can call 9830071716 to participate and visit watch Argo Cycling Team Facebook and Instagram page .
So far over 160 cycling enthusiasts from across the state have already registered for this competition. I Am Kolkata from Merlin Group is co presenting the championship with Argo Event and CNG to promote this green sport under its CSR initiative category in collaboration with Kolkata Society For Cultural Heritage, under the aegis of Cycling Federation of India, the national regulatory body of cycling. The Championship shall also host 45+ underprivileged cyclists under the Indian Cycle category providing an equal platform for the talents to prevail.
The event adheres to the sustainable goals mission of the United Nations. . United Nations has also endorsed this initiative with UN’s sustainable Goal mission as the championship adheres to all five key goals of the United Nations namely :Goal 5 : Gender equality ,Goal 11 : Sustainable cities and communications, Goal 13 : Climate action, Goal 15 : Life on Land and Goal 17 :
This project of I Am Kolkata to support the state cycling championship will promote cycling as a soaring sport in West Bengal. I Am Kolkata also undertook this initiative to promote green and sustainable transportation as cycle is a green vehicle with zero pollution. Promotion of cycling will help us to save the environment as well as a result. It also gives a platform to the rural women to participate in the championship as a measure of sustainable transport. State Govt provided cycles to the school going girls under Sabooj sathi Project coined by Hon’ble CM. The championship created a different segment for them as well as girls are participating from all over Bengal by pedaling those cycles. 41st state cycling championship also has created a separate segment under the state cycling championship for the girls under Sabooj Sathi scheme to popularize this means of transport thus empowering them and saving the environment from further air pollution.I Am Kolkata has also embarked on this initiative as regular cycling helps protect people from serious diseases such as stroke, heart attack, depression ,diabetes, obesity and arthritis. In a way this is a healthy way of living for the people in this century.
Announcing the state cycling championship , Mr. Saket Mohta, founder of I Am Kolkata and MD of Merlin said , “ We need to provide serious throught over developing a healthy way of living , especially in this age of increasing pollution, and the attack of the pandemic. We at I am Kolkata feel that cycling is a new mantra for creating sustainable city as it reduces pollution and saves environment. Promoting sustainable city is the need of the hour for all of us. In fact 72 countries resolved to promote this green transport in the recently conclude COP26 seminar of United Nations in Glasgow. We at I am Kolkata pledge to create our city of joy as a sustainable city as well.”
“We look forward to hosting many more cycling events across the city to create awareness and promote the sports to an international level. Our athletes are working tirelessly and we hope to see India soon on the podium of International events”- were the words by secretary of Organising committee, Mr. Abhijit Sett.
Cycling Federation of India (CFI) is the National regulatory body of cycling in India affiliated to UCI (international cycling regulatory body) supports the state level championships with the authorized state bodies.
Cycling is not only a sport but it is also an eco-friendly green transport. This simple two-wheeled device has been reliably serving humanity for decades if not centuries, and is a clean green player in transportation, environmental stewardship, and health. Cycling as a sport was born in the 19th Century. In 1896,cycling became part of the modern Olympics in Athens. With four disciplines on the Olympic program, two on the Paralympic program, and with the success of professional cycling today, we can say that cycling is a truly global sport.
However the onslaught of motorized vehicle has nudged this age old sport into a relatively less viable way of transport. Motorised transport is contributing to 20 to 25% of air pollution in Kolkata which has worsened with the easing of lockdown restrictions in the city with a five fold jump in PM 2.5 level. The need for promoting non-motorised transport in Kolkata is evident from the recorded levels of vehicular pollution in the city. Cars contribute to 20-25% of air pollution, which has worsened with the easing of lockdown restrictions in the city with a five-fold jump in PM 2.5 levels.
“I Am Kolkata is a CSR initiative of Merlin Group which is a responsible corporate in Kolkata. I Am Kolkata did multiple projects on solid waste recycling and plantation.. In line of CM’s vision we also did Mangrove plantation. Now we are focusing on the development of a sustainable city by promoting this green vehicle. This initiative will also enable girls under Sabooj Sathi Scheme of the state Govt to participate in the championship with their bicycles from across all districts of Bengal. Our Hon’ble CM yearns to empower young students to achieve new feats in the future through the bicycles provided under the scheme. We are privileged to have received endorsement from UN Sustainable mission goals. We would like to continue our support to promote this green sport in the years to come as well. We urge the State Govt to create separate track for cycles to ply. We revere WBHIDCO and NKDA for promoting the green sport as an alternate way of transport in New Town”, added Mr. Saket Mohta.

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