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Gritzo Celebrates Father’s Day with Heartwarming Digital Film Titled as ‘An Ode To Superdads’ ~ The film depicts the Timeless Bond a Father has with his Child…..

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Staff Reporter : New Delhi, 16th.June, 2024. Gritzo, a first of its kind brand that provides personalized nutrition drink called “SuperMilk” for children presents a heartwarming film on Father’s Day. that reminds us of the unwavering love and support our fathers have always given us. In today’s fast-paced world, it’s easy to overlook the superheroes in our lives, but Gritzo’s latest campaign aims to bring this back into focus.
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Gritzo Father’s Day campaign captures the essence of a father-daughter relationship, encouraging viewers to take a moment to appreciate their fathers. It breaks stereotypes that are often associated with fathers and presents a portrait of a modern-day father who is expressive, caring, nurturing & someone that a daughter can rely on at all times in her life. The digital film, will be amplified across multiple digital touchpoints, including Instagram, Linkedin and YouTube.
The film opens with a young girl engrossed in her office work, seemingly oblivious to the world around her. As she picks up her phone, she notices several missed calls from her dad. This moment of realization brings her back to her childhood memories represented by a princess crown sitting in her room. Viewers are then taken on a nostalgic journey through the young girl’s memories. Scenes from her childhood flash by, showing her SUPERDAD taking care of her when she falls sick, supporting her during exam preparations & being the most happiest person in the world when she is met with success. Her internal monologue reflects her thoughts: “Kal hi ki Toh Baat Hai, Jab main Papa ki nahi papa meri Princess Ban jaate theee.” She recalls how her father has always been her pillar of strength, celebrating her smallest victories and appreciating her mistakes. Throughout her life, she has always been a ‘Champ’ daughter to her SUPERHERO dad.
But as time passed, we see in the film that her priorities had shifted & somewhere she missed having that connection with her father. The film reaches its emotional peak as the father, heartbroken from his unanswered calls & is pacified by his wife. Just then, he is surprised by his daughter’s arrival. He is elated when he sees her as they embrace each other in a hug. She then places her childhood tiara on his head and hugs him, rekindling the bond they shared with each other.
Commenting on the release of the film, Sushant Kotian, Brand Head from Gritzo expressed, “At Gritzo we wanted to create a film that represented our SUPERDADS – (superhero dads) in an honest manner embracing all the modern aspects & leaving out the stereotypes typically associated with this role. Through this touching digital film, we aim to remind everyone of the profound impact fathers have on our lives, even when life’s pace distracts us from it. At Gritzo, we believe in celebrating these precious relationships and encouraging everyone to take a moment to appreciate the unwavering love and support that fathers provide. This campaign is our way of acknowledging the timeless bond between fathers and their children and inspiring our audience to reconnect with their personal superheroes.”
About Gritzo
Gritzo, founded in 2019 by Sameer Maheshwari, is India’s first personalized nutrition brand for children. Gritzo believes that every child is unique & their nutritional needs vary as per their age, gender & health goals. It aims to be a trusted partner to parents to provide the right nutrition at every stage of their kids growing up. Inspired by the word GRIT, which means determination and unbeatable spirit, Gritzo has spent years in R&D to create clean, science backed formulations with high protein, multivitamins & natural ingredients that are essential for a child’s growth & development. Gritzo looks to bridge the gaps in the Indian nutraceuticals industry, with a mission to provide Personalized Nutrition for the future of India.
Gritzo’s flagship product ‘SuperMilk’ caters to kids across different age groups. It is customized for three age groups, i.e., 4-7 years, 8-12 years and 13+ years. It also offers personalized nutritional drinks crafted especially for girls and boys. These five variants of Gritzo SuperMilk are available across most e-commerce platforms. With its outstanding and customized products, Gritzo aims to become the true “care” for children in India.

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