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Geeks Take Charge of CyRaksha, Showcase Next-Generation Hardware Hacking….

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News Stardom : Kolkata, 15th. July, 2023: The students of the Indian School of Ethical Hacking launched the first Cyber Security Club of Kolkata on World Youth Skills Day. This club will be run by geek students of Kolkata and the industry veterans will mentor them.

Kalyan Mukhopadhyay, Additional CP, Special Branch; Sanjay Kumar Das, Joint Secretary, IT&E and State Information Security Officer, West Bengal; Debashis Sen, Managing Director, HIDCO, and Nirupam Chaudhuri, Regional Head, NASSCOM graced the event and addressed them as speakers.

The main attraction of the event was the demo session on next-generation hacking – hardware hacking, conducted by the student members of the cyber club.

Anubhab Mukherjee, an ethical hacker, showcased the ease with which RFID/NFC cards can be hacked. As a solution, he recommended to utilize a RFID-proof wallet or wrapping the cards with foil papers to enhance their security.

World Youth Skills Day is celebrated on July 15th to raise awareness about the importance of equipping young people with skills for employment, entrepreneurship, and enhanced productivity.

This day recognizes the challenges faced by youth worldwide in terms of unemployment,
underemployment, and the lack of access to quality education and training.

CyRaksha has unveiled its mission to empower and nurture cyber security enthusiasts in society by
providing a platform for talented individuals to showcase their skills, the club aims to create role
models for young people. They will also emphasize the importance of digital hygiene in schools, bridge the skill gap between students, connect industry mentors with aspiring talents, guide them through changing technologies, impart ethics, and provide access to expensive equipment.

This initiative promotes social inclusion, entrepreneurial mindsets, and self-employment. As World Youth Skills Day approaches, Cyber Club Kolkata highlights the significance of youth skills
development in building a sustainable and prosperous future.

*Shortage of skilled professionals:* According to the research study, the cybersecurity market share is projected to reach USD 3.5 billion, with a projected compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 8.05 per cent by 2027. As of May 2023, the industry had approximately 40,000
open opportunities, indicating the growing demand for skilled cybersecurity professionals. However, the demand – supply gap stood at 30 per cent, projecting a major skill challenge in the industry. The research study also reveals that global weekly cyber-attacks have increased by 7 per cent to surpass 1,200 attacks per week, while Indian organisations experienced over 2,000 weekly attacks in Q1 2023, marking an 18 per cent increase compared to the previous year.
The healthcare industry was a prime target, with 7.7 per cent of attacks directed towards it.


*ISOEH:* Indian School of Anti-Hacking has been working over the last 22 years in the field of Cyber Security Awareness & Skill Development. ISOEH provided training to CID, Lalbazaar police, CRPF, CDAC, State Forensic Lab, senior citizens via Rotary Clubs, Teachers, officials of Cyber Police Stations, engineering students, etc. ISOEH expects that this effort will embed cyber security culture among the kids, develop skills among the youths, train the trainers, help police officials at local PS to understand cybercrimes, help lawyers and judges to analyze the digital evidence, and enhance national security.
The newly formed Cyber Club of Kolkata, ‘CyRaksha’s Founding Student Members are Sourima Pal, Bristi Roy, Anubhab Mukherjee, Sayan Das, Ankit Maitra, Sampriti Saha.


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