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A Poem By - A. K. BAIN

You said you did not feel sleepy
-at night ; and I knew you were asking for some time of mine..

You told the sky was cloudy .. -I understood you were not well.

You said your hair strands were
intertwined and locked…
-I knew you wished my lovely touch ….

You enquired ‘ I would be at balcony any time? -I knew you wished to meet me in person..

You said darkness frightened you ;
-I knew you wished to ‘embrace me’.

You said you desired a walk along sea shore;
-I knew you cherished to move along hand in hand………

You said your favourite colour was blue;
-I knew you were tired of life ‘ and wished to take refuge in me…

You told you had chapped lips;
-I knew You wished to have a lethal kiss…

You told you disliked maths
-I knew you liked poetry only.
You said You needed to return home early; and now
disliked untimely call….
-I understood you wished a

In my comprehension you signed and filed a case of seperation ..
in a virtual Court of judgement;
-I understood darling you wished freedom from me…….

-I became a philosopher in compulsion ;
and you made ‘your self a show piece’ -of some one…

One day in the long walk of life..
-when we met for last ;
and you asked ‘how you are?
-I knew surely that
-‘you were not well’ …….

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