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Coming back to life……..

Poem by- Moubani Sorcar, Famous Actress & Dancer.

Love is in the air,
And let us realise each other in its uncelebrated fair,
Togetherness and merriment is not to be forgotten,
Like a stale piece of bread which in a tiffin box has turned rotten,
‘Eat’ my mother would say,
While there is time,
And decorate our life with a superstition filled lime,
Only because we value the good ,
And repeat God’s name and then touch wood…

As hunger sometimes go away,
As do people in their enchanting way,
We all do leave something back,
Whether a diary, your identity card or memories, never a void or lack…
Have you ever thought how a kind concerned heart only can be shocked,
Not a frozen lake or heart that has been severed and mocked?
Ice may only shatter and break,
The ruthless ,
The emotionless,
Are like stiffened drops of gum,
They do not cement any more,
If tiny balls of meat did not remain within the soft dimsum,
Hard gravel and pieces of iron,
Will you then be able to devour or adore?
Did you not burn your precious nylon?
Is it not human nature to love?
But it is also very easy to lose it’s precious ways,
Is it not beautiful to be in peace as a dove,
We forget the passion in the sun and its life giving rays.
So it is time to bring back the Love and our joyful days.

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