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Besh korechhi Prem korechhi……..

[09/09, 20:39] +91 70440 66879:
[09/09, 20:39] +91 70440 66879:

News stardom : kolkata, 9th. September, 2020. Pijush Charkraborty’s latest single
With Pooja Ganguly ‘Besh Korechi Prem Korechi’ beautifully captures the raw, emotional ups and downs of a relationship – the effortlessness of a first love, the pain of heartbreak, and everything in between. The concept of this music video featuring Pijush Charkraborty and Pooja Ganguly will certainly leave you in goosebumps. If you are someone who just loves to enjoy well-made, original Bengali compositions, this particular song is bound to satisfy your cravings to the fullest.

This song is unique in its own as Pijush, as a Music Composer, has beautifully composed it by juxtaposing Bengali RAP and traditional romantic tunes together. The stunningly gorgeous lyrics of the song has been written by Sreedeep Talukdar Chowdhury whose words touched hearts of many because of it’s simplicity and soulfulness. This video capture and edited by Soumya Roy Chowdhury.

Talking about the music video, it sketches the conjugal life of a couple who have been living together for quite some time now. Despite their genuine love for each other, there is something in their relationship which never actually allows them to settle peacefully. Even though they cannot bear the burden of staying apart from each other, they also do not have the luxury of having a peaceful conjugal life. Everytime they get along together, they find themselves in between showers of love, good times, smiles and eventually disagreements and ugly fights. It is apparent that a cord is missing in their relationship and they are doomed to suffer from the grief of separation perpetually.

‘Besh Korechi Prem Korechi’ is altogether a very different, stylish track which will leave you stunned, amazed, nostalgic and also make you fall in love with original Bengali compositions by independent artists again.

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