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Orange candied days……..

Moubani Sorcar : Actress & Dancer.

The little hand you wait for is the hand you need,
The path from where the brown birds did feed,
I walked down the memory lane,
I was so blessed to be back there again,
I’m not lost in thought,
It’s just how an orange candy wrapper I bought,
Would make a crackling sound and reimburse the ease of the growing years……
I would be found,
Anything that passed by would come around,
And every time I smelt the flowers that lay before my feet,
Would show that I’m just a bit away from a good deed,
Those flowers are for all,
Even if I did trip and fall,
These moments always break the invisible wall.
I’m an extension of the old me,
The crackling orange candy,
I preserved it’s sound in my memory,
It rings,
It makes me grow wings,
And as the swallows sing,
I’m the pig tailed child I was,
The reason to stand up for any forgotten cause,
In happiness and comfort as how
the childhood was.
Even unknown streets would be home in front of innocence.
The eyes are an emotional window that shows more than that for what we are tense.
My precious childhood,
To me you were always so good.
As I step into the woods of life,
I look for you, to reassure that I am me as I strive…..

Poem written by Moubani Sorcar.
Photo of me with my Russian friends while travelling with my family, as a child as our Magic show Indrajal was being shown there, I don’t remember their names but as a child we make friends without the need of knowing names.

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