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The Genie’s discovery…..

Moubani Sorcar : Actress & Dancer.

It’s all historical,
The path to follow the mystical,
Did I transcend into the sheer trance of an intoxicant,
Or is it something that I did really want,
The lost lamp kept aside on a shelf in a tattered store,
Had a story to share and a will to say much more,
It did call out to me and asked me,
“Here I am…how could I live comfortably?
When could you rub and release me and my woes?
I wish to be kind and face all highs and lows.”
I could have had any dreams met!
It was beyond some strange unimaginable gate,
That I started to talk to this piece of metal,
It felt like I was a flower and the lamp my petal,
It knew me,
So I reached out,
And Aladdin was not going to get jealous and scream a ” no ” out aloud,
And ask me to let it be,
It’s not real, it’s empty….
I found me a lamp,
Amongst the grim,slimy,wet and sticky damp,
A flame,
It knew my name…
And now I would be wild and free.
It took a Genie to realise Me.
Here it goes, two and three!


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