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Intensions are never hidden……

Moubani Sorcar : Actress & Dancer.

Whispering passions of frozen mist,
Speak more in time than in sound,
Actions are hence louder,
Growing grays make us prouder,
But a fools paradise is not paradise found,
And how many times you may count,
It will slip out through the empty places between the five fingers,
Clumped sand will take a changing shape as it lingers,
In liquid, in vapour or in solid,
Did I break something old that should make us get worried?
I hope it is the inhibitions,
As life in its fullest intensions,
Do not set into the traditional mould,
Rather it is the new that challenges the old,
If you can see in between the lines,
Then the shapeless sand has not slipped away as the hour glass shines,
It is all showing the time you have at hand,
No one ever knew any reality of what was there beyond the land,
On which you have walked and on which you stand.
If we imagine after life to be a wilted dry leave,
Why not be enmeshed in the reality that we weave.
Happiness is never there,
It is to be found here.
And that is how it is every where.


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