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Moubani Sorcar : Actress & Dancer.

In this big bad world,
I’m not alone,
I’m at home,
Amongst the buds that have uncurled,
In paradise I will forget what hell was like,
And breathe a new fragrance of promises,
That do not shatter as glass,
No matter what purpose life teases,
It is to live life in grace that my heart pleases,
I convey my own class,
Not like what cows do eat,
Green grass,
Will I bow my head down to meet,
It’s not always morality that is broken,
But strings of the heart,
Which was meant to play beautiful music together,
Alas as time pulls us apart,
Any circumstance was pre- scripted,
A cloudy, a sunny or a windy day: weather,
Was all supposed to be where,
You would never be there,
So my tears have turned into crystalline bits,
And I have started to use my wits,
To concurr a path which is not my luck,
But a confident step at a time ,
I’ve decided to walk,
And as you did not care for the truth,
It will talk,
With every door’s knock,
I will not let any trouble to loot,
I know by me time will stand tall,
On the verge of the door of every fall,
I will be a tree of hope rising tall on one strong deep root.


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