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  All vessels from all anchorages have been moved out……

Syama Prasad Mookerjee Port, Kolkata

News Stardom : kolkata, 24th. May 2021. As per consultation with the Ministry of Ports, Shipping & Waterways, Govt. of India in cooperation with State Government and as per port standing requirement in view of the impending cyclone, Mr. Vinit Kumar, Chairman, SMP, Kolkata stated that adequate steps are being taken to avoid loss of human lives, vessels, property etc.

Accordingly, various actions plan are :

(a)      All vessels from all anchorages have been moved out.

(b)     Ships inside impounded docks have been secured properly with additional mooring ropes, wherever necessary.

(c)      All port vessels are being taken inside impounded docks.

(d)     There will be no shipping movement from 25.05.2021 onwards till the cyclone subsides.

(e)      All cargo handling operations will be suspended at 1400 hrs. on 25.05.2021. All cargo handling personnel will be moved out of docks by 1800 hrs. on 25.05.2021.

(f)      All railway receiving will be suspended from 0600 hrs. on 25.05.2021 while despatch of wagons will be suspended from 2200 hrs. on 25.05.2021. Locomotives and rakes will be secured in phases by 2200 hrs. on 25.05.2021.

(g)     All road movements will be suspended from 1800 hrs. on 25.05.2021.

(h)     Adequate portable diesel generator sets have been arranged and placed at strategic locations.

(i)      Several teams with diesel operated saw, ladder, pump, etc. are kept on standby condition.

(j)      All cranes, Bascule Bridge, Swing Bridge, equipment, etc. are being secured.

(k)     Three Ambulances in Kolkata and four Ambulances in Haldia are available for ferrying patients. Trauma and emergency services are available at Centenary hospital, Kolkata and Port Hospital, Haldia.

(l)      One Control Room (equipped with satellite phones) each at Kolkata and Haldia are operating.

(m)    All barges have been instructed to be in the impounded docks or creeks or upstream of Howrah Bridge.

(n)     Port Fire Service personnel and Port Diving Teams are on standby mode.

(o)     Adequate numbers of oxygen cylinders are kept at two Hospitals at Kolkata and Haldia.


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