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News stardom : 6th. May 2022. In the last 3 years, Generic Aadhaar has been rapidly expanding across the nation. Generic Aadhaar has established its dominance in all eight directions of India. And in addition to this, the Generic Aadhaar has set foot in the Longding district on the Arunachal – Myanmar border.

The northeastern Indian state of Arunachal Pradesh is a treat for the eyes for its antique beauty and long green carpets of forests. In this state of the rising sun, as it’s blessed with beauty, it is also suffered from many problems in the border of Arunachal – Myanmar border.

The Generic Aadhaar has come forward to get rid of one of these problems of expensive life-saving medicines. Generic Aadhaar is providing much-needed High-Quality affordable medicines to millions of people across India through Generic Aadhaar franchises in more than 150 places in India including cities, towns, and remote villages. Now it will provide the same medicines at the price Arunachal Pradesh people deserve.

The Business Icon Mr. Ratan Tata-Backed Teenage Prodigy Arjun Deshpande is revolutionizing the Pharma Industry with his innovative venture Generic Aadhaar that has brought a new ecosystem. Generic Aadhaar is dispensing all the support to this unorganized sector by giving local medical stores the right technology, IT infrastructure, and branding. Generic Aadhaar also helps to market their franchise store as well as offer e-commerce capabilities. Along with providing affordable medicines to lakhs of people, Generic Aadhaar has created direct – indirect employment for thousands of people.

Generic Aadhaar is focusing on every part of India to improve the healthcare system and also to help the common man’s monthly medicines budget. Generic Aadhaar has touched many borders in India such as Sitamarhi Bihar – Nepal, Jammu – Pakistan, Agartala Tripura – Bangladesh, and now Arunachal Pradesh – Myanmar. Generic Aadhaar has not just expanded from Jammu to Kanyakumari and Arunachal to Kutch but also expanded dominance on the National – International border.

“We are proud to grow Generic Aadhaar in every nook and corner of India. And today we are reaching to borders to serve people there. The sole purpose of Generic Aadhaar is to make High-Quality medicines affordable to Indians. We are expanding nationwide to fulfill this goal. Generic Aadhaar is working for the betterment of the healthcare system and also to improve the economic sector.”, said Founder & CEO of Generic Aadhaar Mr. Arjun Deshpande.

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